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The city has activities throughout the year. Discover Here Sports, Music, Dance and Theater.

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The differentiating element of Teatro del Lago, with respect to other theaters and cultural centers in Chile and the world, has been the explicit declaration of an educational mission since its inception, the conviction that through education and access to beauty and the arts can contribute to people's quality of life and to a happier and more integrated society. 


Patagonia Virgin Frutillar Golf Club 

It has the first NICKLAUS golf course in Chilean Patagonia. Qualified as the best golf course in Chile according to  Top 100 golf courses of the world.   The court is surrounded by an ancient native forest and gardens designed by Juan Grimm. It has views of the lake, volcanoes and mountains integrating the natural landscape to the bay of Frutillar.


The Nautical Brotherhood of Frutillar was founded on December 17, 1996 and is located in the heart of the city, south of the Bay of Frutillar, protected by a rocky pier and a lighthouse that is characterized as the only one in South America, replicating the first North American lighthouse on Nantucket Island, placed by English settlers in 1746 at Brant Point.

Our Marina and its facilities can house 40 boats up to 36 feet in length with a draft of up to 2 meters.

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The Teatro del Lago School of the Arts is an artistic, cultural and educational center for the region and the country, in which people incorporate the arts into their daily lives.

It is mobilized by the ideal of contributing to raising people's quality of life, improving education through the arts and thus achieving a more integrated, diverse and innovative society.



It has 2 professional tennis courts

Court reservation for members contact:
 +56 9 7468 5718
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The  Library of Frutillar  begins its operation and service to the community on May 17, 1999. Its public operation is supported and guided by the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums,  DIBAM . The Library is located in the upper sector of the City. Welcome.

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Cancagua is an open-air Spa with spectacular views of Lake Llanquihue.  We have 6 Hot-Tubs with sunken terraces with shower & changing rooms in the middle of nature. Cancagua is born from love, from the desire to mold and build new perspectives, from the conscious decision to change perceptions and transform ourselves towards our best version with flexibility. 


For 15 years we have been the Frutillar nursery in the Los Lagos region specializing in native ornamental plants. We also produce exotic species adapted to the conditions of southern Chile. Our passion is to transform seeds and cuttings into trees, shrubs, flowers  and covers floors. We are located in the Bay of Frutillar, Camino Punta Larga Km 11, Frutillar, Patagonia Chile.

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The museum, through its gardens, collections and buildings, accounts for the various activities carried out by German settlers in order to build their new homes, prepare the land for planting and finally settle in what they recognized as their new homeland.

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