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First German Settlers 1856

Villa Frutillar 1863

The Villa de Frutillar was founded on November 23, 1856 by order of the President of the Republic Manuel Montt, with the support of the Minister of the Interior Antonio Varas.  The Paradise  As the naturalist Bernardo Enom Philippi called it, discoverer of Lake Llanquihue and manager of the colonizing policy of this region, is like Switzerland. In February 1842, upon discovering this immense lake inserted in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, he described it as follows:  

The water of this lake is clear like that of the Geneva in Switzerland, its surface is more or less seven leagues long, and another as wide, in such a way that I could not distinguish the shore from the front. It has like that, the snowy Alps, on the one hand, the Andes mountain range that rises from its eastern shores, with a volcano covered with snow up to half its height and that goes into its waters.  

In December 1853, Vicente Pérez Rosales, chief of the colonization of Llanquihue, described the  Villa Frutillar  as follows:  


With persevering faith and perseverance, this nascent establishment will soon become the jewel of the south of the republic.  


The intensity of its views and contrasts, the purity of the air and water, reflect the natural sharpness of the Bay of Frutillar. The city is preserved virgin in the Chilean Patagonia, as a jewel of the republic. Thanks to 162 years since its foundation and to the continuous concern to preserve nature and respect for the waters of  the bay of fritillar, is that this great objective of preservation has been achieved, compared to the disproportionate growth of other shores of Lake Llanquihue.  


In Frutillar a unique culture sprouts,  as the German settlers saw it in 1856. Today it is  Appreciate the immensity of colors and shapes in all seasons of the year. Thus, the magic of the bay of Frutillar offers a spectacular paradise at the end of the world, with a unique atmosphere. The Bay of Frutillar is projected as the cultural and innovation capital in Chile, declared by UNESCO in 2017. It is also considered the capital of southern Chile in sailing and golf.

Frutillar rises today with a strict regulatory plan that protects it and will become the urban model city of the country. The bay of Frutillar has the Teatro del Lago, with a powerful installation that is unique in America. The yacht club Cofradía Náutica de Frutillar has a solid marina, with port facilities that make the bay the sailing capital of southern Chile. The Patagonia Virgin Frutillar Golf Club designed by NICKLAUS next to the tennis courts, offers outdoor sports, next to a riverbank with sunny views of the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes.  


As described by Charles Darwin in 1834  on his trip to Patagonia aboard the HMS Beagle, he indicated the following.

The flora of this region is diverse and ranges from the Andean-Patagonian forests to the semi-desert vegetation of the southern territory of the American continent. However, it is possible to find abundant native forests in the northern continental Patagonia, from the mountain range to the Pacific Ocean, in the valleys near the lakes.

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